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Property Value Surges in South Australia's Davoren Park Amid Ongoing Rental Market

We understand the importance of staying informed about developments in the property market, especially when it concerns your investments. Today, we have two critical updates to share, both centered around the South Australian market: significant property value growth in the suburb of Davoren Park and persistent challenges in the rental market within South Australia.

Davoren Park's Remarkable Property Value Growth:

Amidst the national property market's overall growth of 2.3 percent over the first six months of 2023, Davoren Park, South Australia, has shown remarkable resilience and growth. According to PropTrack, Davoren Park has experienced a substantial Automated Valuation Model (AVM) increase of 12.3 percent over the past six months, raising the median property value to $360,000.

This surge in property values in Davoren Park underscores the ongoing appeal of more affordable cities like Adelaide in South Australia. It also signifies that even within the South Australian market, certain suburbs are outperforming expectations, making them attractive prospects for property buyers.

Challenges Persist in South Australia's Rental Market:

On the other side of the property market spectrum, we continue to observe persistent challenges in South Australia's rental market. Despite fluctuations in property values, the rental market remains highly competitive and presents several challenges for tenants.

Key Points About South Australia's Rental Market:

  • Extremely Tight Market: South Australia's rental market remains "extremely tight," characterized by low rental vacancies and limited time on the market.

  • Limited Supply: The supply of available rental properties in South Australia remains relatively low, while the demand for rentals remains consistently strong.

  • Escalating Rental Costs: As a result of these conditions, the cost of renting in South Australia continues to rise.

This situation is primarily attributed to the gap between the demand for rental properties and the availability of suitable rental units. A substantial influx of new arrivals to South Australia has further fueled this demand.

Current Rental Statistics in South Australia:

  • Rental Vacancy Rate: As of June 2023, South Australia's rental vacancy rate stands at 1.5 percent, down from 1.6 percent compared to the previous year.

  • Rent Increase: Rental prices in South Australia have surged by 11.8 percent year-on-year, with the average weekly rent reaching $520.


In conclusion, the South Australian property market exhibits unique dynamics. While certain suburbs like Davoren Park demonstrate substantial property value growth, the rental market within South Australia remains highly competitive, with rising rental costs.

As property buyers, it's essential to remain informed about these trends, particularly within the South Australian context. If you have any questions or require further information about specific areas in South Australia, including Davoren Park, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experts.

We are dedicated to supporting you in making well-informed decisions about your property investments, taking into account the specific nuances of the South Australian market, and ensuring your long-term success in the region.

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